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Seconds From Destiny

2011-10-15 13:01:48 by MazinMark

Paint the Sky

2011-08-15 02:29:55 by MazinMark

Life is a Video Game

2011-03-21 15:41:30 by MazinMark

I. Love. House. Music.


That is all.

My faith in Newgrounds...

2010-12-27 04:07:56 by MazinMark

My faith in Newgrounds is dwindling...
It seems like it has become overrun by zero bombers.

*spends weeks making song*
*excitedly upload to newgrounds*
*refresh page frantically waiting for reviews and ratings on all the hard work and effort*
*watches after one minute that two ratings make my score plummet from 5 to 1*
*song lost and never heard again on newgrounds...*


Lost in Thoughts was used again in an entry:) Thank you Halloween for fitting my song so perfectly xD

Lost in Thoughts song

Trick or Haunt movie

and, of course;)
Dusk of the Madness

Dusk of the Madness, my song!

2010-10-23 18:30:27 by MazinMark

I am honored to have my song, Lost in Thoughts, to be used by LittleLuckyLink in his new movie Dusk of the Madness!

Dusk of the Madness:

Lost in Thoughts: /297058

My music

2010-07-26 14:54:08 by MazinMark

I'm putting samples of all music on here, you can get the full songs on the links in the author's comments on each song or right here;)

iTunes: n-mark/id359004179
Facebook: rk/371764685369?ref=mf

I Am Mazin Mark

2010-05-12 22:36:02 by MazinMark

I proudly announce, my first full album, I Am Mazin Mark, is out now!

Take Flight is now on iTunes!

2010-03-10 17:55:47 by MazinMark

My new single, Take Flight, is now on iTunes!